Who We Are

We are Baylor alumni, donors, students, parents, faculty, staff, and faith leaders who
affirm that all members of the Baylor family should be treated with equal dignity and
respect, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We affirm that one of the
foundational pillars of Baylor University is an unambiguous Christian educational
environment. The Bible and the Christian tradition affirm that we are all God’s children,
made in the image of God, and each deserves a place at the table. We are not afraid of
knowledge, truth, inquiry, debate, or discussion – in fact, we consider such inquiry to be
fundamental to University life. Anathema to the academy is unexamined prejudice. As
people who love Baylor University and believe in its future, we seek to achieve a
University environment that embodies the Christian values of love, dignity, equality, and

Our Purpose

We are committed to ensuring that all Baylor family members and most especially
current Baylor students are safe, respected, and afforded an environment within the
Baylor community where they can flourish. We are dedicated to seeking fair and equal
treatment of Baylor family members, encouraging the University to adhere to policies
that are fair and equitable and to revise those that lack fairness and equity. We must
ensure that no Baylor student, faculty member, staff member, or alumnus is
discriminated against or treated unfairly as a result of sexual orientation or gender
identity. We seek these things not in spite of Baylor’s religious affiliation, but because of
it. Baylor University is a community of Christian scholars informed by our Baptist
heritage. As such, it has never been a University organized around a single priest or
credo, but is one that affirms the priesthood of all believers and each believer’s personal
relationship with Jesus Christ. This tradition makes room for all at the table, and we are
dedicated to a loving embrace of all members of the Baylor family, including LGBTQ+ people.