What started as a letter making a modest request that Baylor recognize LGBTQ+ student organizations quickly grew into thousands of Baylor family members joining the call for the University to treat people equally. The letter seemed to tap into a grave need and put voice to a movement. There are people who signed who have been disconnected from Baylor because they lost faith in the moral direction of the University over the last two decades. This effort has brought them back to the table realizing they still have a place. Many who signed the letter have asked to stay updated and engaged; BUBearsforAll.org will provide a way for people to do that. The Baylor family is a diverse and welcoming one. We will continue to appeal to the better nature of the University’s leadership in the hope that soon it will reverse exclusionary and unfair practices, bringing more Baylor family members to the table and engaged in the University in every way.”
— Skye L. Perryman ('03) Jackie Baugh Moore ('86) Tracy Teaff ('83)

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